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3000 Alemeda St.
Fort Worth, TX
(866) H8PAIN5

3217 N. Fourth St.
Longview, TX
(866) H8PAIN5

The Pain Management Center is currently performing the following procedures.
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--Facet Joint Injections
--Implantable Spinal Infusion Pump
--Intradiscal Electrothermoplasty (IDET)
--Radio Frequency Neuroablation
--Spinal Cord Stimulation
--Synvisc Knee Injections
--Therapeutic Injections
--Therapeutic Nerve Block
--Trigger Point Injections
--Rehabilitation/Aquatic Therapy

For millions of people, chronic pain is an agonizing reality. Pain can cause much more than physical discomfort. It can affect how you think and how you act around family, friends and co-workers. If not properly treated, pain can hurt those relationships as much as it hurts you. At the Pain Management Center, we offer diagnostic and treatment options for a variety of types of pain, including:

?/font> Migraine Headaches
?/font> Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
?/font> Osteoarthritis
?/font> Neck Pain
?/font> Post Herpetic Neuralgia
?/font> Cancer Pain
?/font> Low Back Pain
?/font> Disc Herniation
?/font> Post-Surgical Pain
?/font> Nerve Injury
?/font> Pain from Injury

The most important factor in the treatment of pain is an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Theesfeld and the professional staff of The Pain Management Center use the most advanced diagnostic testing available to investigate the source of your pain.
The following are the most common diagnostic tests.

Diagnostic Injections - These injections allow the physician to confirm the specific nerve location through an injection of anesthetic into the area surrounding the suspected nerve.

Diagnostic Nerve Block - A injection of an anesthetic medication is given outside of the spinal canal, along the nerve root that is thought to be causing the pain. A rise in temperature in the hands or feet show that the injection was in the right area.

DMX - A unique imaging system that enables the physician to visualize the internal and external movements of the body, or bio-mechanics, simultaneously.

Epiduroscopy - This procedure is used to directly visualize the inside of the spinal column. A small fiberoptic catheter is placed into the painful areas and can be visualized on a monitor.

Discography - This procedure is used to help confirm the source of pain. A needle is used to inject a dye into the disc that is thought to be causing pain. Using an X-Ray or CT scan, it can be determined if the dye travels outside of the disc space demonstrating an abnormality.

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